Struggling To Help Your Elderly Customers? Consider These Banking Solutions

Many seniors struggle with mobility, health, and physical ailments today. Some of these customers may not have the physical strength to stand in line at a bank for what they need. Even a few minutes of standing can aggravate conditions like osteoarthritis and back pain. Brick and mortar banking institutions can help their elderly customers stay active with their finances by implementing the banking solutions below.

Create Express Lines

If the lines in your bank tend to take longer than usual or necessary to get through, consider creating express lines in your lobby. Many different retailers use express or shorter lines to meet most of their clients' needs, including grocery stores and gas stations. When combined with other methods, express lines can help reduce the time customers spend in line.

Before you create your express lines, take time to determine what type of banking services you wish to provide in each one. For instance, if many of your senior customers come to your bank to withdraw money from the teller instead of the ATM, create a separate line for this service only. You may also create a separate line for customers who require additional time to go through or over their accounts. Some seniors may have investment or banking concerns they can't address through your traditional teller lines. 

If express lines don't seem feasible to you, consider video banking instead.

Consider Video Banking Solutions

Video banking allows seniors and other customers to video chat with your customer service representatives by phone or desktop computer. Video chatting allows you to maintain a personal relationship with your customers and address their financial needs at the same time. Some customers may also use video banking to open new investment accounts or make changes to their existing savings accounts.

Before you implement video banking solutions in your institution, be sure to speak to a financial advisor or company first. A advisor can help you choose solutions that:

  • makes it easier for seniors (and other customers) to access their accounts
  • creates a safe Internet environment, such as establishing a reliable technical support system 
  • adds new features to your company that keeps your current and potential new customers satisfied with your services

Video banking may also provide you with an opportunity to upgrade or improve the way your institution does business in your community. For instance, if your bank closes early on certain days of the week, banking by video may help ensure that your customers receive the care they need all the time.

You can help your senior customers and others obtain the services they need by contacting a video banking provider today.