Bailed Your Adult Child Out Of Jail? What To Do If You Think They'll Skip Town

If your adult child has been charged with a crime and you arranged for their bail bond, you need to pay close attention to their activities. If your child jumps bail, or breaks the law while out on bail, you risk losing the money and the collateral that you posted. Not only that, your child will go back to jail until the trial comes to a completion. Luckily, there are some steps to prevent those things from happening. If you're worried that your child will do something to jeopardize their bail bond, read the steps provided here. These steps can help you to protect your child and your finances. 

Contact Their Attorney

If your child is out on bail, but you're worried that they'll do something to have it revoked, you need to stay in contact with their attorney. This is especially important if you're also paying for their legal counsel. Maintaining contact with legal counsel can help to keep your child focused on their case, rather than on bad behavior. Not only that, if your child does skip bail, their attorney can help them avoid the bench warrant, especially if they turn themselves in. 

Take Away the Car Keys

If you're worried that your child is going to skip bail and they're still living at home, it's a good idea to try to limit their access to transportation. Giving your child access to transportation increases the risk that they'll jump bail. If your child is driving one of your cars, now's the time to take away the car keys. If they don't have access to your car keys, they'll need to work harder to find transportation for their escape. 

This step will help you to protect the assets you have invested in their bail bond. If they're still on your phone plan, it's also a good idea to monitor your child's phone call. If you find that they're communicating with co-defendants or people who would help them skip bail, you should contact their attorney and their bail bondsman right away. 

Notify the Bail Bondsman

If your child does skip bail while they're awaiting trial, don't wait for the courts to notify the bail bondsman. Instead, notify the agency as soon as possible. The sooner your child is apprehended, the better it will be for them and for you. It's also important that you notify your child's attorney immediately. 

Don't lose your assets. If you're worried that your adult child will skip bail, use the tips provided here to reduce the risk.