How To Post Bail For Someone In A Different State

Posting bail bonds for other people is always going to feel challenging. If the detained person is in another state, though, that can make the process even tougher. Fortunately, there is a way to post bond through a bail company even if you can't get to the county where the person is currently in jail. Collateral Bails bonds are loans for legal purposes. Especially if you can't afford to post the full bail right away, you'll need something to back the loan.

Stop Worrying About These Disabled-Veteran Assistance Myths

When you have a disability that is connected to your time in the military, you're entitled to disability benefits as a veteran. Unfortunately, a lot of myths surround this benefit, which shouldn't be that surprising. Don't put much stock in negative news here, though, as those myths are easily busted. It's Not Your Income, It's Your Veteran Status One pervasive myth is that you can make too much to receive benefits.